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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Welcome to

Springfield Christian Pre-K and Kindergarten

Learn. Play. Grow. 

24/25 School Year

registration is open 

Our Goals

1. Give each child an opportunity to work and socialize in a group under trained supervision.

2. Help each child become aware of and interested in the work around them.

3. Teach each child to think and act for themselves.

4. Make each child’s adjustment to school life a happy and helpful experience.

5. Help each child know that God loves them and has a plan for them.

Ready for School

Why choose us?

As a School and not a daycare we strive for Academic Excellence. Our Qualified and loving staff use all of our large facility to ensure your child is receiving the best Preschool and Kindergarten education they can, as well as social and spiritual development. For more information see our About Us page! 

We love SCK! I can't say enough positive things about the school, staff, the teacher, the 1 on 1 time, etc. All my nieces and nephews have gone to Springfield Christian and now my son is! it is a great foundation for the real world and whatever grade school you choose for your child. I love the work put into the Christmas and spring programs! It is aa space that I feel safe dropping my children off and leaving them. Highly recommended! Special thanks to Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Potter and Janelle in the office!
We have loved Springfield Christian Preschool! the staff is amazing! You can feel the love and support they have for each student, as well as their own families. They create a good foundation for education. Our kids have been very ready for elementary school. We are forever grateful to Springfield Christian. 
A school where learning is fun! My son has loved all the teachers and the attention and encouragement he has gotten from each of them! I am confident he will be prepared for kindergarten when his time is done at SCK!
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